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Charity partners

All of our events are carried out in cooperation with charitable or aid organisations. It is thanks to these charities commitment and the work they do that we are able to work effectively and achieve our goals.

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Forging new paths
Experience Beyond is the perfect partner for companies looking to assume their |social responsibilities and live out their commitments through action.
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We are the people who bring together companies and aid organisations from all over the world.

On behalf of your company, we plan, develop and implement events such as incentive holidays and social happenings that at the same time help support environmental, educational and social projects. By doing this, we underline your company’s commitment to all involved. Nationally and internationally.

Take advantage of our skills and experience to bring people face to face and reconcile their different interests. If communication problems are getting in the way of a fruitful collaboration, we will on hand to act as translators. Our experience in the field has shown that everyone ends up benefiting from the services we offer.

So how can we help your company decide which path to take?


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