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Are you giving your staff the opportunity to identify with your company in the |long term?
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In the past, most companies motivated their staff by offering them financial incentives. Their willingness to perform, work hard, think creatively and respond positively to pressure were all linked to bonus payments and job promotions. However, more and more companies are learning the hard way that this approach alone is not necessarily enough to guarantee valuable staff members’ long-term loyalty to the company.

One the other hand, a vibrant corporate culture that employees feel a part of gives your top performers more opportunity to identify with your company in the long term. Giving staff the chance to experience your company’s social commitment first-hand while also ensuring public recognition for the company’s role as a responsible member of society boosts long-term, sustainable staff loyalty. Make your staff proud of themselves with an Experience Beyond incentive holiday or social event!

“Companies need to get used to the idea that they are far more dependent on their top employees than good people are on them."

Peter Ferdinand Drucker, father of modern management