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We believe that as companies’ economic impact grows, so does their social |responsibility.
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The aim is to succeed in living up to this responsibility so that your clients, staff and associates will want to keep doing business with you in the long term.

“Doing good and telling people about it” is a meaningful and legitimate strategy. But it’s even better to convert your commitment into real-life action. This, coupled with effective internal communication, will boost your public image while at the same time winning the approval and long-term loyalty of your staff and business associates.

This is the concept behind our incentive holidays and tailor-made corporate social events.

"The most effective way to address many of the world’s most pressing problems is to mobilize the corporate sector in a context of rules, incentives and partnerships where both companies and society can benefit."

Michael E. Porter (March 2003), professor at the Harvard Business School and co-founder of the "Center for Effective Philanthropy"