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Social Events
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© Experience Beyond
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© Experience Beyond
We organise social events that add a whole new dimension to your standard |events portfolio by getting your company involved in a charity project.

Give your corporate meetings, strategic conferences, congresses, staff training measures, company outings and celebrations added value by ensuring that they contribute to a project that reflects your corporate philosophy.

Our job is to design and carry out the event while at the same time making sure that your employees experience and understand the issues at the heart of the project that your company is supporting. This brings your employees closer together and makes them feel more in touch with the company.

Take one of our reforestation initiatives, for example: located in woods that are conveniently close to your hotel, a one-day course or more at a reforestation camp is a great way to follow up a meeting. Involving plenty of exercise in the fresh air, it also boosts your employees' commitment, endurance, team spirit, managerial skills and creativity. Add a range of tailored training sessions and you have an event that lets your employees have fun, while at the same time sowing the seeds for improved teamwork within the company as a whole.

If your company is looking to support an international relief project or organise a holiday in a different part of the globe, we have trainers and consultants on hand to explain the project’s aims and bring it to life before you even set foot outside your office. We get your employees actively and emotionally involved from the word go.

Experience Beyond will help you to pinpoint the right concept for your individual company event before stepping in to plan and implement the event from start to successful finish. Experience for yourself how supporting a charity project brings your employees closer together!

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