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We set up connections that make social or environmental commitment |an integral part of your company culture.
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The incentive holidays and social events that Experience Beyond offers as part of its extended services portfolio are aimed primarily at commercial enterprises looking to prove their social or environmental commitment. Our role is to act as the link between our clients and aid organisations across the world that are actively working to support and protect the environment, social structures, education and endangered species.

Your involvement is designed to bring about sustainable change and boost commitment in the long term. This is why we believe that the focus of the projects you support should be clearly linked to what your company stands for. As a result, we put a lot of time of effort into tailoring our events and holidays to reflect your individual corporate culture and make sure that we are constantly on hand at all stages of the project to provide individual support with the overall design, organisation and final implementation on the ground.

„We are responsible not only for what we do, but for what we fail to do.”

Lao Tse (ca. 3 B.C.), Chinese philosopher