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Strong partners

Whether you are looking for an event geared towards team building, management training or personality coaching, we work together with our experienced partners to develop concepts that suit your individual needs – and make each of your events a success story in itself. Indoors or outdoors, nationally or internationally.


From white-water rafting to outdoor leadership seminars, outdoors adventures are not only fun, they also promote bonding and help people to grow. Faszinatour leads the European market for outdoor adventure services. Its portfolio of sustainable outdoor activities brings together and motivates people. Faszinatour is a pioneer of the outdoor movement and its ongoing enthusiasm for and love of working in and with nature has enabled the company to grow continuously since 1986. Today, its unique concept has been extended to cover five separate areas: faszinatour’s adventure & sports activities appeal to adventurous people who are looking for some fun and exercise up in the mountains.

Participants’ team spirit and sportsmanship are put to the test when the team from Immenstadt develops some rather more unusual incentives and events encompassing a range of outdoor adventures such as the high ropes course. Faszinatour also designs and builds rope courses for outdoor facilities across Europe, and provide a range of educationally oriented high ropes courses and adventure camps for schoolchildren and young adults.